IRUDIKA, with the support of Fundación Vital Fundazioa and in collaboration with Fundación Bilbaoarte Fundazioa and the Cité Internationale de la Bande Dessinée et de l’Image of Angoulême, has launched this call for illustration professionals.


The residency seeks to facilitate the setting up of collaboration networks, foster the mobility of the artists, encourage creative production and strengthen ties between foreign and state cultural institutions.
The purpose of the Residency is to foster creation in the specific sphere of illustration. To that end, the selected resident, who may be from anywhere around the world, shall produce a personal illustration project and the poster+graphic elements to be used for the IRUDIKA 2020 flyers.

The residency of the successful candidate will be at different venues and various stages:

• Phase 1: VITORIA-GASTEIZ. ESPACIO ZAS. 6 February 2020.

• Phase 2: BILBAO. 7 February – 4 March 2020. FUNDACIÓN BILBAOARTE FUNDAZIOA.

• Phase 3: ANGLOUÊME. 4 – 27 2020. MAISON DES AUTEURS DE ANGOULÊME (France).

• Phase 4: BILBAO. 27 March – 5 April 2020 at FUNDACION BILBAOARTE FUNDAZIOA, with a possible visit to BOLOGNA CHILDREN’S BOOK FAIR (30 March – 2 April 2020).

• Phase 5: VITORIA. 5 – 7 April 2020. FUNDACIÓN VITAL FUNDAZIOA.

Residency eligibility criteria

Any individual, with legal capacity, over 18 years old, may apply.

The successful applicant for the residency shall accredit that s/he either has the Spanish or European health card or private insurance that covers any medical contingencies that may arise during the residency period.

The resident shall undertake to provide the organisation with a list of technical requirements at least one month prior to the start of the residency. Any requirements that cannot be covered by the organisation shall be provided by the artist or s/he shall adapt her/his technique to the materials provided by the Maison des Auteurs de Angoulême or Bilbaoarte.

The artist shall undertake to attend and responsibly make use of the spaces at all stages of the artistic residency. The organisers shall not be liable for the breakage or loss of the technology equipment being used and/or belongings of the residents.

As has been stated in the previous point, the selected resident shall produce a personal illustration project and the poster+graphic elements to be used for the IRUDIKA 2020 flyers.

An exhibition will be held at the end of the residency where the illustrator shall exhibit her/his work process and the Irudika 2020 poster produced during that period.

The illustrator shall undertake to deliver the poster+graphic elements to be used for the IRUDIKA flyers by 7th of May 2020.

Furthermore, the professional shall undertake to refer in the future that this project is the outcome of a residency convened by Irudika with the support of Fundación Vital.


The selected resident shall receive:
• Monetary award

Irudika shall provide the resident with the gross sum of €2,100, which will be paid in three phases:
• €100 gross (subject to a withholding of 15%) to cover the accommodation costs for the night of 6 February in Vitoria.
• €1,000 as travel expenses and per diems (without VAT or withholding). This amount is to be used to cover travel expenses (local and between the different cities of the project), board and supplies, and, in the case of Bologna, the accommodation as well. That amount will be handed over at the start of the residency (6 February 2020).
€1,000 at the end of the project as the Irudika 2020 Illustration Award (subject to a withholding of 19%) on 6 April 2020.

• Accommodation, workspaces and technical resources:

• Phase 1: VITORIA-GASTEIZ. ESPACIO ZAS. 6 February 2020.
Arrive in Vitoria*Gazteiz in the morning on 6 February 2020 to meet the press. During the afternoon, the resident will take part in a talking shop led by Kike Infame and organised by Euskal Irudigileak at Zas Kultur Espazioa.
The resident will be given €100 to cover one night’s accommodation in Vitoria, which can be organised by the Basque Illustrators Association and the Irudikia team should s/he so require. That same day, s/he will also be given €1,000 for travel expenses, per diems and supplies.

• Fase 2: BILBAO. Del 7 de febrero al 4 de marzo de 2020
Estancia en apartamento de dos habitaciones, a compartir con otro residente, con conexión a internet.
Espacio de trabajo: FUNDACIÓN BILBAOARTE FUNDAZIOA, en el que podrán trabajar de lunes a viernes de 09:00 a 21:00 horas. Aquí podrán contar con el apoyo de los/las técnicas de taller de medialab, nuevas tecnologías, trabajo y escultura y tendrán derecho al uso de una sala/estudio para trabajar conjuntamente con otros profesionales.

• Phase 3: ANGLOUÊME. 4 March – 27 March 2020
Accommodation close to the workspace available at the Maison des Auteurs de Angoulême. The resident will have a two-bedroom flat, with Internet connection, to share with another resident.

• Phase 4: BILBAO (27 March – 5 April 2020), with possible visit to BOLOGNA CHILDREN’S BOOK FAIR (30 March – 2 April 2020)
Accommodation in two-bedroom flat to share with another resident. Workspace: FUNDACION BILBAOARTE FUNDAZIOA, where the residents will be able to use the facilities to work on the final artwork of the images created using the Foundation’s resources (plotter and screen printing) and where advice will be given regarding the installation of their work for the final exhibition. In the final exhibition, the illustrator may exhibit the work produced during her/his residency, along with material relating to the creation process, sketches, etc.

If the resident decides to travel to the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, the travel and accommodation expenses there shall be borne by the resident. Irudika will provide the pass to the Fair and an invitation to the Irudika promotional event in the city, along with mentoring by the Euskal Irudigileak team.

Hotel accommodation organised by Irudika.
The professional will exhibit her/his work along with that of the other resident at the Fundación Vital Fundazioa from 6 to 28 April. The mounting of the exhibition will be on Sunday 5 April 2020 and therefore the illustrator shall undertake to deliver the work produced on Friday 3 April to be viewed prior to the setting up of the exhibition.
On 6 April, the press conference will be held in the morning and the opening of the exhibition in the afternoon. Prior to the opening, the artist will discuss her/his work and the residency experience and will be awarded the Irudika 2020 Illustration Award consisting of €1,000 gross (subject to a withholding of 19%).


Candidates wishing to be considered for the grant must submit:

• Curriculum vitae + 3 representative illustrations by the author
• Dossier (Between 2 and 5 pages). Description of the project to be undertaken during the residency, no more than 10,000 characters in length, and explaining the planned work, the theme and techniques to be used. It may also be accompanied by drawings, sketches or designs.
• A motivation letter
• Affidavit that the candidate is the sole author of the submitted works.
Candidates should send their application to the following email address info@irudika.eus  and including as the subject: Irudika 2020 Illustration Residency.


A committee, convened by Irudika, shall review the applications and select the successful candidate, and then directly formalise the terms and conditions of the residency with the person chosen. The decision of the jury will be final.

The jury decision will be notified through the www.irudika.eus website and to the beneficiary at the email address provided. The Appraisal Committee may declare the Call void should it deem that none of the works submitted is of sufficient merit.

Date for submitting applications: from Wednesday 11th of September to 23:59 hours on 15th of October.
No application shall be accepted after that date.

Terms and conditions of the Call.

1. Intellectual property.
The participants shall be held liable for the originality and authorship of the projects that they enter and guarantee that they legitimately held all their intellectual property rights and, in that regard, they guarantee the peaceful use by the organisers and the latter will be expressly liable for any damages and/indirectly that failure to comply with this guarantee may incur.
The selected candidate shall expressly authorise the organisers to use her/his name in the way deemed appropriate within the purposes of this call.

2. Data protection.
Participants shall accept that the personal data provided by virtue of this call may be processed in the personal data files (participants in contests, contracting and invoicing) owned by the organisers in order to be able to manage this call. They may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection by writing to EUSKAL IRUDIGILEAK – ASOCIACION PROFESIONAL DE ILUSTRADORAS/ES DE EUSKADI Apartado de Correos 10038- 48005. Bilbao or by email to info@euskalirudigileak.com

3. Image rights of the participants.
Participants shall accept to appear in images (photos, video, etc.) taken during the residency period for their subsequent dissemination for information or promotional purposes, and authorise that use.

4. Acceptance of the terms and conditions.
Participants, by the mere fact of entering the Call, will accept these terms and conditions.

5. Dissemination of the activity during the residency period.
The beneficiary shall undertake to mention that part of the execution of the work submitted was during the residency convened in 2019 by Irudika with the support of Fundación Vital in all the actions to disseminate and/or publish the work occurring after the residency. 
S/he shall likewise refer to: Fundación Bilbaoarte Fundazioa and the Cité Internationale de la Bande Dessinée et de l’Image de Anglouême and any other partner entity.
For further information, please write to:info@irudika.eus 

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